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hey guys 
i wich to see this " addition " in 1s2kill forum .

from >>>  i can add the link of addition 

the best question here : why ? 
1/ it give u many statistics
skills of the player / players ranking to the last one top 5 top 15 top 1000  / classification of States / favorite weapon of players / titles and medals obtained / best player every day / activity of the srver and player s / all the chat in the server/ .... and more statstics for admins and players 
2/  beautiful appearance  
3/ Strengthen the competition ( Do not limit competition in the top 15 )
4/ bad thing here its not free .
i hope to like this addition  and to be considered
thank you 




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Sorry but your response is not professional as well .

I wish I could discuss the idea professionally .
 For example / how do we develop a similar local addition / what pros and cons /  why we dont need / serious discussion /

You disappointed me @selfie  

so i think i made a mistake in the section , can u help me to move this topic to the site development section or deleted
and thank you again 

all my respect @selfie

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