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1. General Principles:

  • 1.1 Registration on the forum is equal to reading and accepting these rules.
  • 1.2 The administration reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time.
  • 1.3 User agrees to use the Forum in accordance with generally accepted moral standards, netiquette rules and not violating the Polish law.
  • 1.4 You must be at least 13 years old to use our forum.
  • 1.5 Each user on the forum can have only one account. In the event of a multi-account being found, all accounts that were created by the user except the main account will be blocked and will receive 5 warning points. In perfidious cases, where a user has deliberately created a multi-account, it is possible to receive a block on each account at once.
  • 1.6 Issues not covered by these rules are not subject to own interpretation and will be dealt with individually by the forum administration.
  • 1.7 Everything on this page is the property of 1shot2kill.pl. Copying of graphics or content is strictly prohibited!
  • 1.8 The Owner and Administrator can block an account without giving any reason.

2. Posting content on the forum:

  • 2.1 No posting of the following content on the forum: offensive, fascist, Nazi, racist, intimidating, violating someone's privacy and copyright, pornographic or very close to pornography.
  • 2.2 Freshly registered users receive a "Newbie" group for a period of 5 days after registration. During these days the user has to familiarize himself with the regulations in order to avoid warnings on his account in the future.
  • 2.3 Administration has the right to change the user nickname, if it is inconsistent with the regulations.
  • 2.4 Nickname can not contain: vulgarism, links to external sites, offensive content.
  • 2.5 Not allowed to put in the signature gifs, which play music without the knowledge of the user who browses the topic.
  • 2.6 The signature cannot be too large.
  • 2.7 We do not ask to check our request for UB on ChatBox, private message or other messengers like GG / Facebook / TS etc.
  • 2.8 Excessive use of Caps Lock is prohibited.
  • 2.9 In applications we do not use words like: "Neutral". Each statement must be reasonably justified and contain useful information about the applicant.
  • 2.10 The "Ban Zone" section is for those who are authorized to writing there.
  • 2.11 No posting viruses / cheats / scripts and similar things in the forum.
  • 2.12 Prohibition on posting reflinks and links that may bring benefits. (Except for the section "Offtopic").
  • 2.13 For people, who do not play on the server, comment in applications for admin is forbidden. It is treated as spam and the user may be warned.
  • 2.14 It is forbidden to speak in your own applications.
  • 2.15 It is forbidden to artificially gain reputation or give it without any reason (this also applies to natural and negative reputation).
  • 2.16 Topic author is obliged to name topics in accordance with their content.
  • 2.17 Excessive use of colors in posts is prohibited.
  • 2.18 Topic can be refreshed once in 24 hours since the last post, only the authors of the topic are entitled to it.
  • 2.19 In all forums the rule 1 topic = 1 problem applies.
  • 2.20 User agrees to get help within the general topic only in the forum in topics. It is forbidden to use private messages, statuses, chatbox or any other place for this purpose.
  • 2.21 Administration has the right to edit / delete any post that breaks forum rules.
  • 2.22 Forbid publishing conversations with other users without other person's permission on the forum (you can share a conversation in case of offence or complaint etc.).
  • 2.23 If you are not the author of the work you must provide the source.
  • 2.24 Moderators that have the Server Owner, Server Keeper, Graphic, Editor and UBTeam groups can only use the note in their section.
  • 2.25 The administration is not responsible for the statements of forum users.
  • 2.26 People with the group "Newbie" cannot apply for server admins and forum positions (Exceptions are fast recruiting).
  • 2.27 Accounts that do not have a verified email are deleted 14 days after registration.
  • 2.28 Entries that have content such as "Cool tutorial", "Surely someone will find this useful" etc. will be treated as spam and will be deleted. In the case where the situation repeats itself, the user will be punished with a warning.
  • 2.29 The topic author has the right to indicate the correct answer by clicking the "Mark as solved" button. It is forbidden to mark as solved posts that are not the correct answer, e.g. "I already solved it myself", "To be closed", etc.
  • 2.30 A person who has been warned on the forum is not allowed to apply for any forum position. All warnings must be worked off before applying for any forum position.
  • 2.31 A user who uses the Report Content feature without good reason will receive a warning.
  • 2.32 In clubs, it is strictly forbidden to artificially gain posts by writing meaningless statements. If the administration deems that a topic has been created for this purpose only, users adding posts will be warned.

3. Warnings:

  • 3.1 Ways to work off a warning can be found here: Click
  • 3.2 A person with a paid group cannot "pass" a free work off warning to another person.
  • 3.3 Only users with the "Newbie" group can receive verbal warnings.
  • 3.4 10 warning points means your account is blocked forever without the possibility of unblocking it.
  • 3.5 An administrator can deprive a player of all purchased privileges if the player acts to the detriment of the forum or servers.
  • 3.6 Warnings are corden forever (Unless you choose to work it off).


4. Processing and protection of personal data:

  • 4.1 Forum users' data is stored on SeoHost.pl servers.
  • 4.2 Users' personal data may be processed for the purpose necessary to use the Forum by Users. The basis for the processing of personal data for this purpose is the User's consent to create an account and to process his/her personal data for this purpose (legal basis: Article 6(1)(a) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter "RODO")) and for the purposes of the Administrator's legitimate interests (legal basis of Article 6(1)(f) of the RODO), and in particular for the following purposes: archiving, back-up, necessary to ensure the security of the data collected on the Forum.
  • 4.3 User data can be provided only to entities processing data on behalf of the Administrator (e.g. entities providing hosting services, i.e. the company: SeoHost sp. z o.o.) only on the basis of a contract with the Administrator - whereby such entities process data as subcontractors and only according to the Administrator's instructions.
  • 4.4 The User has the right to: to inspect their personal data, to delete their account, to restrict data processing, to transfer their data or to link them to another account, to withdraw their consent to personal data processing, to lodge a complaint with the relevant authorities regarding the incompetent processing of their personal data.
  • 4.5 Providing data for the purposes of creating an account by the user and using this account is voluntary, however, the consequence of failing to provide the data will be inability to create an Account on the Forum.
  • 4.6 We do not place photos of the users without their prior consent.
  • 4.7 Temporary mails are prohibited on the forum.
  • 4.8 It is possible to remove an account and its information on the website in justified cases after 30 days from its blocking.
  • 4.9 Blocked users are not removed permanently, they can only ask for removal of sensitive data such as e-mail, password, profile completion.
  • 4.10 Account deletion can be done only by private message with administration in forum.
  • 4.11 It is possible to protect your account in the forum by two-step verification, which can be found in the account settings.


5. ChatBox:

  • 5.1 Excessive spamming is prohibited.
  • 5.2 Excessive use of emoticons in posts is prohibited.
  • 5.3 You can use vulgarity but in moderation and without offending others.
  • 5.4 All arguments and provocations are strictly forbidden.
  • 5.5 The chatbox information in the announcements must also be followed.
  • 5.6 Messages older than 30 days will always be deleted at the beginning of the month.


6. Rights and responsibilities of moderator groups:

  • 6.1 Moderator groups include: Moderator, UBTeam, Server Owner, Server Keeper, and Editor.
  • 6.2 The moderator is obliged to:
    • 6.2.1 Edit user content so that it is spelling-compliant, readable, and does not break the rules.
    • 6.2.2 Edit topics so that the topic name matches the content.
    • 6.2.3 Punish users for not following the rules (Special emphasis on provocation and insulting users).
    • 6.2.4 Address other forum users with respect.
    • 6.2.5 Help people navigate the forum and provide them with the information they need.
    • 6.2.6 Close open, move and hide the topics of own sections.
  • 6.3 Topics that can help other users cannot be deleted or moved to the archives.
  • 6.4 Each moderator has the ability to remove a post or hide it.
  • 6.5 The moderator should place special emphasis on topic names and the overall appearance of the topic.
  • 6.6 The moderator does not have access to user data in the form of IP address and e-mail addresses.


7. Payment Policy:

  • 7.1 Forum services are virtual items that can be purchased by the user through appropriate recharges or forum donations.
  • 7.2 The conclusion of the contract occurs at the time of placing an order by the person who purchases the product.
  • 7.3 The Administrator reserves the right to change the services that are subject to the offer. This includes such actions as withdrawal and modification of the offer.
  • 7.4 The administrator is not responsible for mistakes made by the user while placing an order.
  • 7.5 The person purchasing the product has the opportunity to make a complaint about the product, up to 14 days after the purchase. In such a case, the time limit for processing the complaint is maximum 14 working days.
  • 7.6 A complaint is not granted if the customer receives a ban from the forum or breaks the rules of the aforementioned Regulations.
  • 7.7 Donations sent through the donation system are non-refundable. These are voluntary amounts sent by a user in order to, for example, support a project. The administrator can grant a group as a thank you to a given user.
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