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How I've got Bayonet Tiger Tooth


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Opencsgo.com sent me a push!.. There was an invite to buy banana kill box... One happy day banana case gave me a very nice spin) I crossed the link to take a look at the offer and skins in it... The price was $2.99 instead of $11.99!.. As well as there are 66 models among 97 make gaining:) The price is very attractive I think... This is a very good point of the box! I'm always figuring out the number of items in case which make earning.However, I deposit an amount and began my hunting!.. 10 or even more first spins were really bad... among first items I have win were only cheap models not more than $0.40!


However, I was sure I even do not know why that I will win a very cool item from this case!..I know the pattern of case opening that tells to buy the same case to "charge" for dropping the yummiest items from there) I believed in my own great fate with each following spin! However, following 10 spins gave me nothing... Tec 9 Terrace and AWP Phobos were the only profitable skins I got) Then I decided to make the pause to have a lunch after my own banana-quest... And the 3rd spin after meal was my precious)


Now, I've dropped cool bayonet tiger tooth for about $330. Now, lets count: I bought banana near 30 times that means 100$... During these bad openings I've got skins for about 20 $! So, the loss are 70 $ and the skin I win (tooth) is $ 330 now the gaining is more than 250 $... This was the story of my own bananaquest on Open csgo and I can sell my own trophy or change it!


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