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Odwołanie od bana Stxt1cs/ only dd2 #2

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So i got banned earlier today on your server, simply cause my account has a ban from 1000 days ago.

Makes no sense i just paid for vip, 30 minutes later i get banned because i have a vac on my account.. 


I would love to see your records on me cheating cause i am not, lol.



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Adapt to pattern ^^ :

Nickname from CS:

Admin banned you: 


Date of occurence:

Description of the situation:

Ban link from amxbans (https://d0naciak.pl/amxbans/ban_list.php):

Leakage ban from console:



If you have VAC banned - you didn't get a ban from us :pifpaf:

This is a ban from Valve ^^ 

Send your steam profile, please



I checked your nickname and I don't see a ban :P


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