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I have nice models in my own bag but I usualy wanted more...


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I have some cool items in my inventory:)I used to buy keys for cases from Valve but never got nice item! I was also spining cases with CS:GO models in special online sites and shops!.. At any rate my own openings were not that I wanted to win from boxes I have bought:) It beggars belief that some users are getting models from boxes on web sites with CSGO boxes to spin!.. Once I think an ad of the case opening service that I never think recently... Of course, I had to test it) The web site I mean is here!


Now I've read out that opencsgo.com has become the main sponsor of Gambit team who has won the Major in Krakow:) I think such activities are making clear reputation) I was sure about cool spin... Besides, new stores are usualy open handed to earn new users... I registered there and made deposit with 100 USD! I started with low cost boxes!!!I've made the first opening and got XM1014 Blaze Orange well worn!.. It was better than I even could hope!.. I opened this case 5-6 times more and then got Nova Blaze Orange for about $5:)


And I thought: why nt to win a more expensive case!.. Progun, the case for $26 was my goal!.. I have made 4 dropps and lost almost all my money on account and my believe, too... But after that:) I have catch THE GREAT M4A4 Howl well worn for near $ 500!.. I think to play with this skin some games and then I'll sell it) This was the first time when I got really expensive item from a case:) Maybe someone wishes to purchase it or change)


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