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Dostałem wczoraj bana na 24h ban minąl o 22:30 wszedłem na server po chwili dostałem kolejnego bana na tydzien w consoli podany jest calkiem inny nick niz posiadam.

[AMXBans] ===============================================
[AMXBans] You are banned from this Server!
[AMXBans] There are 6 days , 5 hours , 17 minutes and 17 seconds left of your ban.
[AMXBans] Banned Nickname : RUDY
[AMXBans] Reason : ' Od rodzic w to wara '
[AMXBans] You can complain about your ban 1shot2kill.pl 1shot2kill.pl
[AMXBans] Your SteamID : ' STEAM_1 : 0 : 1472843193 '
[AMXBans] Your IP : ' '
[AMXBans] ===============================================
Kicked by Console:  You are BANNED. Check your console.
Kicked : You are BANNED. Check you




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Akurat fajnie się składa.


Becla -21:58:53- 'say' "stary ci do wanny wbija"
Fajnie? -21:58:54- 'say' ""
Sektor Niebo [TT] -21:58:54- 'say' /drop
.::FocuS::. -21:58:55- 'say' "/rank"
Fajnie? -21:59:00- 'say' "/rynek"
Becla -21:59:00- 'say' "kudlacczowi zbzykanemu"


L 09/16/2017 - 22:25:26: [adminchat.amxx] Chat: "RUDY<38568><STEAM_1:0:1472843193><>" chat "od rodzicow waraa aa twoj staaary to jebanaa rozjebanaa kopara"

Wszystko ładnie, ban zostaje.

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