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The service for offer buying opencsgo.com has undertook a study to earn to know what rifles are the favorites among users ) The web service opencsgo.com that supplies models for the game CS:GO asked players to name 5 TOP models for csgo rifles:) opencsgo.com asked more than 20000 users) The gamers were asked to name advantage which give their preferred rifles) The users were also questioned about what is their favorite skin for the cs:go rifles they like:) 

M4A4 was 1 of the most popular cs:go rifles either!.. It was called by users as the most silent and accurate... Long rage was called as the next advantage of this gun... It has no disadvantages at all... And the greatest items for M4A4 is sure enough the "Howl":) 


Csgo weapon M4A1S
Many users say that the accuracy of this gun is much more better than M4A4!.. Enemies can not see the shooter because this csgo gun has no tracers while shooting. The low recoil is among its advantage) It is very silent because of silencer, either. One of the main disadvantages is a very low ammo capacity. Chantico's Fire and Mecha Industries are the most popular and wanted skins for this csgo weapon. 


Sniper gun AWP
AWP is the most lethal weapon of the game:) Many users tell this is an amazing rifle... With this csgo weapon users are feeling themselves undefeated) The most wanted items for AWP is Medusa as players of opencsgo.com are telling) OpenCS:GO appreciates that its players answered the questions for preparing this interview:) 


SG 553
The next weapon of our list is SG 553:) According to Research many users called this weapon as one the most multitask 1... Gamers like to use it both on short and long distances! The downside of this weapon is the prise... There are few popular skins on this csgo weapon! Damascus Steel, Wave Spray and Ultraviolet are three of most popular items for this csgo rifle) 


Rifle AK47
The users called AK-47 the best Rifle in the game!.. According to gamers' opinions AK 47 has few advantages) Accuracy named as one of the main advantage of this csgo rifle. Gamers are calling the AK 47 as one of the most powerful cs:go rifles in the game! A single shot from the gun can be deathful) The main disadvantages of the gun is its loudness! And Fire Serpent was called by users as the TOP item for AK-47)

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