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The TOP-5 of CSGO cs:go guns are


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The service for case purchasing Open CS:GO has undertook a study to win to know what weapons are the favorites among gamers ) The service for buying cases with CS:GO items Open CS:GO asked users to call 5 best models for csgo rifles) About 20000 users called their preferred guns! There was also an ask to name the advantage given by their preferred rifles:) The gamers have answered also the question about what items is the best for their preferred csgo guns:) 


Many people compare this gun with M4A4 and tell that A1-Sis better!.. Enemies can not see the shooter because this gun has no tracers while shooting! The high plus of A1-S is its low recoil! It is very silent, too... The downside of A1-S is a low number of ammunition!.. The most wanted by gamers skins for the M4A1-S are Chanticos Fire and Mecha Industries:) 


Sniper gun AWP
And finally AWP was called as the most powerfull weapon of CSGO) Many gamers tell this is an amazing csgo gun) With this gun users are feeling themselves undefeated!.. According to the interview the Medusa became the most wanted skin for AWP) Open csgo was glad to present this researches and thanks players for participating) 


The next csgo gun of our list is SG 553:) Among its advantages players are telling that this gun passes to everything!.. This is accurate and there is a zoom option... The downside of this gun is the cost... This weapon has couple popular models. They are Ultraviolet, Wave Spray and Damascus Steel:) 


Weapon M4 A4
The nesxt 1 is M4A4:) It has the advantage in silence and accuracy! Different advantage is the clip for 30 bullets!.. It has no disadvantages at all:) And the greatest skins for M4A4 is sure enough the "Howl") 


The gamers named AK-47 the best Rifle in the game! According to gamers' opinions AK47 has some advantages. Accuracy named as 1 of the main advantage of this csgo rifle) Users are calling the AK 47 as one of the most powerful csgo weapons in the game. A single shot from the csgo gun can be deathful. The main disadvantages of the gun is its loudness!.. And the best skins for AK-47 was called te Fire Serpent:)

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