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Found 12 results

  1. Nazwa: Lady Bee - Drop It Down Like (ft. Reachel Kramer) Kategoria: Inne Link do wideo: Lady Bee - Drop It Down Like (ft. Reachel Kramer) Opis:
  2. Guest

    East Clubbers - Drop

    Nazwa: East Clubbers - Drop Kategoria: Inne Link do wideo: East Clubbers - Drop Opis: Ile osób pamięta te czasy metina, expienia? Filmy 2k10-2k12 gdzie wszystkie filmy prawie "OTWIERANIA MAŁŻ" miały w tle takie nutki jak Libera czy chociażby Drop
  3. Nazwa: DJ Raaban - Drop that base Kategoria: Inne Link do wideo: DJ Raaban - Drop that base Opis: Łapcie legendarny bit do walki w metinie. Nostalgio witaj!
  4. Nazwa: Djuro - Drop That Bass (Original Mix) Kategoria: Inne Link do wideo: Djuro - Drop That Bass (Original Mix) Opis:
  5. Witam, co do mojej propozycji jest ona dosyć prosta. Co wy na to aby podczas losowania skrzynek były tak jakby dwa losowania? Miedzy innymi chodzi o to aby np. żeby zostalo to losowanie skrzynek dla graczy i odzielnne dla vipow np. dwie skrzynki dla vipow i svipow w drugim losowaniu w zaleznosci od ilości ilości vipow i svipow na serwie.
  6. Recently I've made on this site several openings that gave me not bad profit:) So today I choose to repeat my success! When I read that dropgun. comis Gambit's sponsor I had no doubt in its solidity... I was visiting the web-service to look what drop are made there. After I think that there are new boxes on site I decided to open them immediately:) That day I choose to started my offer opening session with the cheapest offer not to risk either much:) There are 10 models for M4A4 Poseidon in those case and blizzard marbleized is the TOP of them! The main slogan of the service tells it is random spin... And I began my case buying session right after deposit my account for $50. And already after some spins I've dropped mostly expensive item of da box M4A4 Poseidon. The box called Gunondesert was my next box for buying! I have made few dropps and win among all trash AWP Boom, that I wanted long time ago:) However, I was disappointed by those spins and spent either much cash... I saw that after some more dropps I will lose all of my own mone) Opening next I was make in automatic mode:) And one of the last dropps gave me that! That drop waited for me I will tell users. I dropped Desert Eagle Blaze and that made my day as no time before. I'll open herein more expensive cases!..
  7. Dropgun web-service gave me some not bad drops earlier. I was opening some cases here and got some nice skins but after that didn't open it) But recently I read out that Drop Gun was a title sponsor of Gambit team. I'm convinced that the web service that sponsors a team is better than noname one! After that news I have looked at Opencsgo from different point of view) When I enter the web store I think that there are new design of boxes there!. . Now I put my mind to buy cases on Dropgun. The boxes are real nice with cool items inside:) Now I've filled my own balance and began to select the offer! I open usually expensive and average price cases) I'm trying not to open cheap cases because of bad drop. I decided to spin Gunmaniac box. The web-service tells near random spin from boxes:) And I was about to learn if it were true. . . 5 first opening were not very top models but 3 of them made earning! First spins offred me cool hope)After these dropps I have caught ?StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet Lore) After near 10 bad spins I've got AK47 Fire serpent factory new. After that I made 10 more spins but there were nothing really top. So, let's count, I made a refill with 100$ and made about 20 bad openings! The bad openings took about 80$ from me!. . And $ 300 gave me great models I dropped! 200$ was my own incoming and I can sell that items or change them:)
  8. Witam, Jak tam drop z majora? Obfity czy może.. U mnie dosyć słabo...
  9. Zauważyłem iż po zakończeniu mapy losuje tylko jedną osobę, która otrzymuje skrzynkę. Moim zdaniem jest to zdecydowanie za mało i proponuje aby skrzyneczkę otrzymywały chociaż 3-4 osoby.
  10. Halo.. Coś tu się zepsuło. Dzisiaj było 26/26 i dropło tylko 6 skrzyń kiedy to ich dropiło 8/10 przy takiej ilosci osob zazwyczaj. Wiem byl event, ale przed eventem sypalo wiecej tych skrzyn:) podkręćcie dropa
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