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The user belongs to the administration group.

Roni last won the day on November 20 2019

Roni had the most liked content!

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  1. The most frigid nature on the net

    Winner in the category "The most frigid nature on the net".

  2. You can trust me

    Winner in the category "Most trusted person on the forum".

  3. A true champion of trophy hunters!

    The user has reached 2,000 posts and 1000 reputations on the forum.

  4. Up and higher!

    Winner in the "Best Administrator" category.

  5. I will help the server anytime!

    Winner in the category "Best Server Guardian".

  6. Help! I need help!

    Winner in the "Most Helpful User on the Net" category.

  7. I did something for the web but ch * they do not pay!

    Winner in the category "The most deserved person on the net".

  8. Only I'm smart here!

    Winner in the category "The greatest wise on the net".

  9. Serious as never!

    Winner in the "Most serious person on the net" category.

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