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  1. The most annoying person on the forum

    Winner in the category "The most annoying person on the forum"

  2. Modesty is my second self

    Winner in the category "The most modest person on the web".

  3. IEM Katowice 2019 - Gold

    Participation in the IEM Katowice 2019 competition.

    (First nine people)

  4. I'm liked!

    Winner in the category "The most liked person on the web".

  5. He keeps order in these internet connections!

    Winner in the category "Best Network Moderator".

  6. I'm the best!

    Winner in the "Man of the Month" category.

  7. Help! I need help!

    Winner in the "Most Helpful User on the Net" category.

  8. Up and higher!

    Winner in the "Best Administrator" category.

  9. The best employee of the month

    Winner in the category "The best employee of the month".

  10. A true champion of trophy hunters!

    The user has reached 2,000 posts and 1000 reputations on the forum.

  11. Sloth

    Winner in the category "The Biggest Deer on the Net".

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