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  1. Update for IPS 4.5.0 Beta 5
  2. Added the option to set any icon FontAwesome 4 and 5 in the profile
  3. Fixed an error causing no possibility to enter the user's profile, Commas were added
  4. Added Update Checking, The entire code has been completely rebuilt, Plugin display settings have been added, The language key has been changed, The ability to sort groups has been added, The option to exclude groups has been added
  5. Fixed an error causing copying groups in the profile
  6. Update of the plugin to the latest version of the IPS 4.4 engine, The appearance of other groups in the profile has been improved Thanks for the proposition @Lis Koduje ! Other groups have been added in the search results, Coding has been improved and ordered
  7. Fixed encoding of plug, Added other groups in the hovercard
  8. Update for IPS 4.5.0 Beta 5
  9. Update for IPS 4.5.0 Beta 5, Removed the rating display setting
  10. aXenDev™

    Grafika > Zlecenia

    Zmieniono Status zgłoszenia na Zamknięty / Closed
  11. aXenDev™

    Grafika > Zlecenia

    Musisz mieć 10 postów, aby cokolwiek dodać w dziale zleceń.
  12. "(aXen) Article System in Pages" will no longer be available in version 3.0.0 for new users. Current users can count on adding them to the list of customers of this add-on. The condition is active support and the purchase of the theme before July 3, 2020. Only compatible with IPS 4.5.0 Beta 4 version, * NEW * Added option of theme detection on OS systems, Fixed an issue where the brush button could not be clicked, The entire theme change system has been rebuilt (Compliant with the latest JS standards), Sorted code in CSS, The ability to change the color of forum icons has been removed. Now they will be integrated with the color change system. The telegram icon has been brightened in socialmedia, Fixed icons in the navigation buttons, Changed default button colors, Update Font Awesome 5 to 5.13.1, Removed ability to change the search engine position, Removed option to hide the theme copyright, * NEW * Added selection option navigation background, The number of blocks in the footer has been reduced to 5. (If that's not enough, please contact me) * NEW * Added ability to edit black theme elements, The colors changes is smoother, Fixed a bug that caused the navigation bar to appear incorrectly when the widget was enabled for the full width forum, The settings for managing your own profile graphics have been improved, Fixed a bug that caused the color palette to appear outside the screen, Added the elMobileNav background color change selection, * NEW * The ability to set two background graphics for separate themes has been added. A separate image for the light theme and a separate image for the dark theme, * NEW * Added option to include language change icon in sticky userbar, Removed avatar shadow effect, * NEW * The option of choosing to collapse names of subforums has been added. This option is disabled by default, Optimized The @media queries so that codes do not repeat, Improved forum statistics, Graphics removed from settings, * NEW * Added option to select widget icon position, Fixed an incorrect key in the settings responsible for enabling Badge for unread content forums, * NEW * Added preview of topic reaction in forum view, [Swiper] Added ability to change the background-repeat value, [Swiper] The background position value has been limited to directions (left, right, up, down), [Swiper] The number of conditions has been reduced, resulting in increased performance, Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect notification icons to be displayed with long texts, Moderator options icons are now written in CSS, so they work globally not just in topic view, The user status icon in the subject has been moved to the place next to the nickname, Fixed an infinite loop displaying clubs in topics despite setting a restriction in settings, * NEW * Added ability to collapse the signature and to customize the displayed lines, * NEW * Added a new look for birthday blocks and a block has been added to the profile, The birthday wish block has been moved to the forum index, * NEW * Added the ability to send your own graphics to the footer background, Upgrade jscolor script to version 2.2.3, Upgrade swiper script to version 6.0.0, * NEW * [Swiper] Added Mousewheel control
  13. Strona została wyłączona. Powróci wraz z aktualizacją forum silnika.
  14. No i doczekaliśmy się ostatniej gry z serii darmowych gier AAA na Epic Games Store. Właśnie z tygodniowym opóźnieniem wjechała gra ARK: Survival Evolved! Według przecieków gra miała być darmowa tydzień temu, ale z powodu zamieszek w USA została przesunięta. Dzisiaj już możemy pobierać i cieszyć się do woli. Gra do tanich nie należy. ARK: Survival Evolved możecie pobrać tutaj do 18 Czerwca 2020 do godz. 17:00. Gra dostępna jest z paroma darmowymi dodatkami (DLC). Już za tydzień czyli 18 Czerwca po godzinie 17:00 pojawią się kolejne gry w Epic Games Store. Jest nimi: Pathway i The Escapist 2.
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