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  1. The list of articles in the category view has been changed
  2. Zmieniono Status zgłoszenia na Zamknięty / Closed
  3. Czas na forum zależy ile na nim przesiedziałeś. Nie liczy się czas od daty rejestracji.
  4. aXenDev™

    Emotka <3

    Zmieniono Status zgłoszenia na Naprawiony / Fixed
  5. Jak coś popsujesz, to sparing na garażach! :Weed3::HYPERSL:

    1. n0thing.


      Ja jeszcze dołożę jak coś... :HYPERSL: self defense fighting GIF

    2. Dranzer


      Jak popsuje czatboxa do ataku ruszą wszystkie charmandery z Impierum :CharmanderHYPE: :D
      pokemon fight GIF
      pokemon go GIF

    3. aXenDev™


      9:30 jutro pod moim blokiem. Widzimy się :)

  6. Theme update to version Invision Community 4.5, The "Topic author" function has been removed from the theme
  7. aXenDev™

    Emotka <3

    Błąd został już dawno zgłoszony, ale wciąż oczekujemy na poprawkę. Z powodu zaistniałej sytuacji naprawienie błędu może się wydłużyć.
  8. Zmieniono Status zgłoszenia na Naprawiony / Fixed
  9. Chcę to odzobaczyć xd
  10. Fixed a bug related to ratings caused by Font Awesome 5 update. 2.4.3: Fixed an issue where the highlighted colors were not displaying correctly in Pages application, The colors in the "Release Notes in Pages" application have been improved, Optimization of codes in subjects and private messages, Fixed a bug that imposed backgrounds on outbound links from the "Download" application, Visibility of subforums has been improved, Colors in formatting options in "Pages" have been fixed.
  11. Fixed a background bug in the ipsEmbedded classes, Theme weight reduced 2.4.2: SEO optimization, Fixed a bug that caused the footer to not work very well on some mobile devices, Update Font Awesome to version 5.13.0, Added missing 'aXenMFluent_Forums_Icons_Size' setting
  12. Fixed an issue where the language change button appeared despite having one guest language, Improved social media icons that changed the color of icons when changing the dark / light theme. 2.4.1: Added blur effect in the .ipsModal class, A cursor has been added to the "Go to top" button, Fixed an issue where the subtitles were not colored in the moderator's panel after changing the color to own, Fixed an issue where the mobile version of ipsPagination was not responding
  13. Zmieniono Status zgłoszenia na Naprawiony / Fixed
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