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UB Team CS 1.6

Do you hate hackers, do you like punishing them and you know about detecting them? Make an application.


  • Knowledge of spelling
  • A forum account that was registered at least one month ago
  • At least 60 posts
  • Ability to read with comprehension
  • Knowledge of forum and network server regulations
  • At least 16 years old
  • No warnings on the forum
  • Steam platform without VAC
  • Experience in evaluating screenshots and writing demos


  • Moderating topics
  • Correcting topic content and title
  • Be frequently active on the forum
  • Helping users
  • Take care of the "Ban Zone" section


How much time per day are you able to devote to the forums:
Describe yourself:
Why you:
Have you been in contact with Amxbans?
How would you rate your ability to judge cheaters?
Have you ever played on cheats (if so, what kind)?

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