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COD 1001


Test IP: cod1001.go.1s2k.pl


  1. General

    General information about the server.

    3 Total Posts
    2 Total Topics
  2. Application for admin

    Want to become admin on the server? Apply here!

    26 Total Posts
    3 Total Topics
  3. Complaints/Compliments

    Do you want to complain to a player from the server or boast an admin? This section is for Body!

    5 Total Posts
    3 Total Topics
  4. Suggestions and comments

    Do you have the idea to upgrade your server or something that bothered you? Here you can describe everything!

    117 Total Posts
    3 Total Topics
  5. Competitions

    Join the contest and win prizes!

    6 Total Posts
    1 Total Topics
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